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Time Magazine: "The Battle Over Gay Teens"

So today at Weis, Time magazine flamboyantly struck the shelves: "The Battle Over Gay Teens." I pilfered an issue and read it. It was conservative slandering, political, but moreso positive and progressive. I feel very endowed and healthy after reading it. It had all perspectives on gay teens in America, even the religious ones who have camps that turn teens straight. (I would call it Auschwitz.) Lots of it had to do with our generation's turn of acceptance towards the gay population, going from 300 GLBA clubs in 1997 to over some 3,000 today. I was completely stupified. You can tell how it's in high school today: at least in Urbana, we hear the term 'fag' used less and less, edging its way to being a racial term. At homecoming, I saw several gay couples who looked very out and flamboyant, and they were talking to a multitude of people, as well as having a really fun time! I was so happy to see the development of the gay community at my high school, even after I left. In any case, some stories brought tears to my eyes, and made me raise my fist in determination! It talked of a gay scholarship called the Point Foundation, aimed at subsidizing leaders of this new wave of acceptance. Time tells Bryan Olsen's story:

"...he said that after his Mormon family learned he was gay when he was 15, he was sent to a boot camp for wayward teens in Ensenada, Mexico. Olsen says the facility, Casa by the Sea, required residents to wear shoes without backs so they couldn't run. He says that as punishment for a three-meal hunger strike, he was forced to sit in a stress position--cross-legged, with his nose touching a wall--for two hours. Olsen's small face, which is framed by a pop-star haircut that makes him look as though he's still 15, scrunches with tears when he gets to the next part: "I could only come home when I wrote my parents and promised to be straight and Mormon." There were gasps in the room the first time I heard him tell that story."

Today at work I had a couple of good conversations with Allen about me and my level of outness. I told him that I'm 100% confirmed as gay, as I've gone both on the male and the female side, and I'm still to this day 100% attracted to men. He tried playing the devil's advocate a bit, but I didn't budge. Chip = gay. I love the cock.

So then he brought up another huge point that I haven't heard mentioned in awhile. He said that I'm scared to be loud and proud. My position on outness has always been 'it's none of your damn business,' and relied on close friends to support me. The way he pinpointed that when he said it, and just the kind of person Allen is and his interests, told me he found this as a personal weakness. It's understandable that I don't want everyone to know, but nevertheless it's a weakness. I remember back to my first psychologist, who was very interested in my label of the gay man. No wonder, it's because of that obviousness of a weak point. It's a huge weak point! I'm a fucking closet case!

So, after this has been brought to light, I've decided to make a new goal for myself. Allen pointed out to me that Weis does not discriminate with respect to sexual orientation, so I must be protected by the law or something. Therefore, I will work on being out! From now on, I'm loud and I'm proud! But I'm still me. (No wardrobe changes.) I think I'll begin by coming out to a cashier or two, and then things will get around by the end of the week!

But first, I have to apologize profusely for coming in at the wrong time tonight. I think I'm treading on thin ice.

Anyway, here's a link to the article if anyone wants to read it! It's really good.



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Oct. 17th, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
I don't know what kind of Mormon famiy they think they are to do that to their kid, that's horrible!!!! You just DON'T DO THAT!!! They're not mormon in my mind... not at all.
What you do is you get some freaking help from the church leaders!!

That makes me sick.
Oct. 17th, 2005 08:25 pm (UTC)
I really don't mean to knock on Mormonism... but that was a program maintained by the church (Casa by the Sea, I think it's called). Time does admit that Bryan was pretty militant against it, and they said it wasn't so severe.
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