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13 December 1986
Recovering Addict!

Living life one day at a time. :-)
300, agnosticism, alcoholics anonymous, anarchism, anastasia beaverhausen, anime, at the drive-in, atb, avatar: the last airbender, barack obama, beaches, bellybuttons, bending pipe, bill clinton, black holes, bleach, blowing up condoms, boys, buddhism, butsecks, chrono trigger, cofie and butsecks, crotch humpin lesbians, damning credit lenders, donnie darko, drama, dreaming, driving, ebonics, eddie izzard, electrical work, engineering, evangelion, fencing, final fantasy, first crushes, frottage, fruits basket, gay aa, gay boys, gaying it forward, george carlin, giving advice, going commando, grand prixs, grandia, gravitation, helping people, hot gay nerds, katanas, kendo, kill bill, kingdom hearts, knowing peace, looking at internet porn, love, making out, megan mullally, minions, mog, money, monty python, muse, naruto, obnoxious operas, pimp slappin' hoes, plasma tvs, politics, porking your girlfriend, procrastinating, queen, quentain tarantino, quitting things, roleplaying, roman history, shounen-ai, sleeping naked, sobriety, sparta, spiritual transformation, star wars, starcraft, stick shifts, strategy games, sushi, swimming, the fourth amendment, the fourth dimension, the number four, the veils, things listed alphabetically, three-page physics problems, thunderstorms, transgenders, trevor, tripping at opium-dens, unrequited love, vehicular manslaughter, villainizing judeo-christians, watching kids smoke, will and grace, word to your mother, working obsessively, wormholes, yaoi